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Take the Mystery Out of Package Tracking

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Package tracking is non-negotiable when shipping high-value items. Earlier tracking systems would only notify the shipping company with updates. To ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction, both shippers and carriers need to know where a parcel is at each point in the shipping process.

Consequently, highly sophisticated tracking systems have become the standard, offering more detailed tracking information to all parties involved. Understanding package tracking and which carriers to trust can do more than just provide peace of mind when shipping - it can help you minimize the risk of losing your next shipment.

How Do Packages Get Tracked?

Parcel tracking has eliminated much of the guesswork in shipping and given a higher level of security to the shipper by alleviating much of the anxiety around shipping. Both parties involved can know the status of a shipment for the duration of the process.

Courier package tracking systems employ what is known as a barcode system to track packages. Each package is assigned a tracking number that corresponds to the barcode and the barcode is scanned at every point in the shipping process, which immediately updates the system so the package can be tracked in real-time.

This system helps mitigate the chances of a package being lost, as carriers receive an update at each touchpoint, making it easy to figure out if and where a shipment is misplaced. However, even with this system in place, human error is unavoidable and packages get misplaced. Thus, cargo should still be handled in accordance with the utmost care.

Best Handling Practices

While a barcode system is very efficient, it is far from perfect. To ensure that your packages are delivered safely and on time, there are some shipping best practices that should be followed each time you entrust your precious cargo to a carrier.

  1. Ship with a trusted and experienced carrier.
  2. Purchase shipping insurance from a reliable provider.
  3. Track your shipment regularly to ensure on-time delivery.
  4. Report missing and/or lost items by filing a claim as soon as possible.

Tracking Packages at Each Leg of the Journey

Most tracking systems provide tracking updates at limited points along the route of shipment. Packages are scanned as they are accepted into a facility and when they are reloaded onto transit. These touchpoints are the only opportunity for the shipper to know the location of their package.

When shipping higher-value items, this limited knowledge might not be good enough. Some third-party companies have electronic tracking systems enabled on their fleets, meaning that shippers can follow the entire route of their package from origin to delivery. This level of transparency is ideal for high-value items and customers that demand frequent and real-time updates on their shipments.

Where Can You Find Your Tracking Number?

Depending on the carrier you use, your tracking number could be located in a few different places, but it should usually be somewhere in your shipping confirmation or receipt. Look for a long string of digits - commonly between 10 and 30, that is labeled as ‘tracking number’, ‘track your order’, ‘track your package’, or something very similar.

It is important to note that shipment tracking is not possible without a tracking number in most cases. In case you are unable to find your tracking number, call the customer service center of your carrier and they will provide you with your unique tracking number.

Shipping and Global Package Tracking with Unival

Time-tested companies like Unival Logistics take all of the mystery and doubt out of shipping. Unival provides real-time updates around the clock on all items shipped through a reliable system. All vehicles are equipped with on-board recorders so you will know where your package is at any point in time.

Compared to other companies that update their tracking system periodically, Unival’s customers have 24/7 access to information on the status of their shipments. More importantly, each customer is provided with a single point of contact - a designated customer service representative that will resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Contact Unival and ship with the confidence that only an 18-year-old company can provide.

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