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Art Shipping
with Insurance

Ship artwork and make sure it arrives undamaged with UNIVAL Logistics. We provide end-to-end art shipping solutions by utilizing the latest in shipping technology combined with proven shipping methods to deliver your packages safely and on time.


A Reliable Partner

You need a reliable partner to take care of your logistics needs to expand your business. When you deliver valuable artwork, your customers expect it to arrive expediently and safely. UNIVAL Logistics will tend to your shipping needs and maintain your reputation.

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Insuring Your Artwork

Artwork is both valuable and easily damaged, so standard insurance packages are not enough. We provide full-value domestic and international shipping insurance at premium rates that will help you sleep at night. No matter what happens, you can rest easy knowing that you are fully protected from damage during transit.


Parcel Tracking and Document Submission

You can track your artwork at each transport leg so that you always when it will reach its destination. However, we do not stop there. We will ensure your packages are fully compliant with all necessary regulations in order to avoid unnecessary complications and delays.


Secure Global Shipping

It is difficult to be a large business without a developed logistics operation. UNIVAL Logistics can be your transportation backbone. You focus on your business and your customers while leaving art shipping to us.