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About UNIVAL Logistics

Welcome to UNIVAL Logistics. We are the global logistics powerhouse that delivers your high-value consignments safely, reliably, and affordably.

When you choose UNIVAL to ship your precious cargo wherever it needs to go, you surrender all the risks of transit to us. Our door-to-door supply chain solutions save you the trouble and cost of operating a fleet. From California to the global stage, we have weaved a large network of destinations, through which we offer logistics solutions that are innovative and extremely convenient, so YOU - our consumer - can focus on your core business and entrust the complexities of logistics to us.


Secure Shipping
& Package Delivery

UNIVAL Logistics understands that your most high-value goods also come with the highest risks. And since shipping is already full of risks for the unwary customer, you need a secure shipping service that will deliver your cargo on time and intact - no matter what it takes. If you want to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely, the most important thing you can do is to choose the best secure delivery service in the industry.


Shipping Insurance

While major shipping carriers try to be reliable, the vast size of their networks and the sheer volume of parcels makes human error both inevitable and costly. When shipments pass through too many hands, there is a higher risk that your package will become damaged, delayed, or even lost entirely. At UNIVAL Logistics, we lower the risks by offering cost-effective shipping insurance for your most valuable items.



UNIVAL Logistics is a Los Angeles-based logistics, shipping, insurance, trade, and export-import company. Our unique web-based systems offer our customers impeccable service, with unmatched performance and reliability. Web-based solutions and our API are designed to be user-friendly and easily integrate with your platforms so your development and learning time is minimized, thus saving you time and money and streamlining your operations.

A Reliable Logistics Partner for Your Company

UNIVAL Logistics provides high-quality end-to-end logistics solutions. We will deliver, track, and insure your most valuable items, whether they be diamonds, collectibles, art, or any other high-value item that you would not entrust to just anyone.