Partner with UNIVAL Logistics and widen your e-commerce business' global reach to more than millions of consumers in a number of countries. We work with system integrators, software vendors, consultants, and marketplace providers to build affiliations and reseller relationships that eventually promote the business operator and end user.

Why Partner with UNIVAL Logistics

UNIVAL Logistics is a long-standing global logistics company with a gigantic network set in different corners of the globe. The company is equipped to ship high-value consignments and our affiliations entail miscellaneous business types that are merged by an assurance to grant world-class logistical experience. Partner with us and consumers of remote destinations you never thought of offering services will become reachable. UNIVAL Logistics is an expert in providing fast and secure shipping of cargo, your business will grow to newer heights you never imagined before.

UNIVAL Logistics' Merchant Partner Program

UNIVAL Logistics offers a vast range of logistics services with a countrywide and global footprint with a personalized touch that only smaller and medium-sized courier companies can supply. We seek to add value to our service by collaborating with the best logistics companies worldwide, who assure that superior service is repeatedly provided on each delivery.

With UNIVAL Logistics, you will no longer turn away from the prospect of selling internationally as it was previously thought of as a logistically dreadful task. E-commerce business owners can readily profit from a collection of services offered by UNIVAL.

  • UNIVAL will direct business to those partners who offer the utmost level of service. We endeavor to comprise as few associates as possible in each city/country based upon their ability to manage order flows.
  • Great incentives are offered for every client referred. You will earn straight from your e-commerce sales but also through our partner program.
  • Zero cost is incurred by the merchant. Register with UNIVAL, put up our link on your individual e-commerce website, and outshine your business competitors. 
  • No logistical requirements are needed from the merchant as UNIVAL undertakes all the consolidation and packing needs.
  • Practically no risk of fraud as UNIVAL has a well-organized international screening method in place.
  • No lengthy and dreary paperwork to be done by the merchants as UNIVAL takes care of customs, export reports and other document necessities of the buyer.
  • Provides 100 % fast and secure on-time delivery to a number of nations around the world so you will not have to be concerned about having your business reputation getting tarnished because of tardy shipping.

UNIVAL Logistics' Referral Program

Whether you put up e-commerce services for your consumers or desire to establish an active revenue stream by constructing an integration to the business system, we have various options for you. You can earn by spreading the word about UNIVAL Logistics. Refer us to your associates, trusted users, customers, and workforce about UNIVAL and they can easily obtain the US goods they have long known and appreciated. In no time, you will earn attractive incentive packages during every referral that successfully become UNIVAL users. Plenty of advantages can be obtained from the referral program.

  • Refer us nationwide and to international customers and obtain an ongoing commission.
  • Recommend UNIVAL and you instantly partner with a trustworthy and long-established pioneer in the logistics realm.
  • Receive incentives for each referral who goes on to become a UNIVAL member.
  • Boost your online presence as links from UNIVAL to your website can be set up as you become one of our preferred partners.
  • Be recognized for providing a decent, safe, and well-organized logistical service to your associates, followers, and customers.
  • You become part of a pioneering, emergent team. Join UNIVAL network now and we immediately invigorate your existing business.

Connect with UNIVAL Logistics to satisfy your consumers. Contact us right now and make your mark in the logistics realm just by teaming up with UNIVAL Logistics!


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