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API Integration

General principles:

Unival API is guided by the principles of JSON API, and JSON Tokens There are 2 dev servers for API, a dev server for our customers and a dev server for our developers.

Obtaining the API key and password

Each Unival account can have its own key and password for API access. The API key is unique, per customer, it is obtained only once, and cannot be changed, while the password is used as a standard password, to confirm the identity of a customer.

To obtain API access, contact our support staff at:
Telephone: +(1) 213-368-3444 (UTC -8)
Skype: unival-logistics

At first, you will be awarded credentials for the development server, and once you believe that your software using our API is ready for production, contact us again to create production credentials for you.

The API username and password should look like below:

User ID: df32a1
Password: a3d23s321dfd
User ID: 6 characters
Password: 12 characters (a-z,0-9)
Dev server endpoint is:
Production server endpoint is: