Small Package Shipping Insurance Companies #

What Sets Us Apart From Other Shipping Insurance Companies?

The insurance industry is massive, and the shipping industry even more so. That means you have a lot of options when shopping for small package insurance. But unlike most shipping insurance companies, UNIVAL Logistics offers both secure, end-to-end logistics solutions and industry-leading shipping insurance options. 

For more than 14 years, we have worked hard to perfect the science of shipping high value cargo all over the planet. But to make sure our customers are protected no matter what, we also make sure that shipping with insurance is cost effective and hassle free.

Shipping With Insurance Through UNIVAL Logistics: How It Works

Not all packages are created equal. And while all packages should be handled with care, the most valuable parcels sometimes need additional monitoring.

While many shipping insurance companies require you to declare the value of your package, the insurance policies available through UNIVAL Logistics are industry-specific, allowing you to find the optimal solution for your unique needs. Even better, because we specialize in secure international delivery, we know how to minimize risks while your cargo is en route, providing you with additional peace of mind.

Of course, shipping will always carry certain dangers. That's why UNIVAL takes complete responsibility for all lost cargo, and also covers your freight due to fire, breakage, water damage, hazardous weather, as well as theft. Our insurance policies are flexible in order to meet your needs, but all insured customers are entitled to:

  • $100,000 international insurance limits
  • $150,000 for domestic insurance limits
  • Risk coverage for lost or damaged goods
  • Professional package handling by one of our specialists
  • Quick payment turnaround for valid claims
  • Low premium charges compared to merchandise in transit
  • Regulated liability for the carriers
  • Simple invoicing for the clients

Regardless of the size of your parcel, UNIVAL will gladly ship your items and insure them for their value. Small item shipping can often be tricky, as small packaging can often be overlooked or mistaken for a non-valuable. But in the case of electronic parts or precious stones, the slightest mistake could create thousands in losses.

So when you need small package insurance for those high-value, high-risk items, choose the shipping insurance company that understands shipping and insurance like no one else in the industry. 

Contact UNIVAL Logistics insurance professionals today to find a shipping solution perfect for your needs. Wherever you need to go, UNIVAL can deliver.


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