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Secure Collectible
Coin Shipping

Collectible coins are high in value, so your package needs to be safe from the moment it leaves your hand. UNIVAL Logistics is a leader in coin shipping solutions and will deliver your cargo safely to its destination.


Experienced and Expert Staff

Your packages will only be handled by staff that has expertise in shipping coins. For over 15 years, UNIVAL has utilized innovative shipping solutions to make sure your packages get delivered safely and on time.

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Full-Value Insurance for High-Value Coins

Collectible coins are easily more valuable than what regular shipping insurance covers. UNIVAL Logistics enables you to take out private full-value shipping insurance for your cargo. Once you partner with us, all of the risks of transport are ours to bear.

Our domestic shipping insurance covers up to $150,000 in value and international shipping insurance covers up to $100,000. And with our premium insurance rates, you will likely not even notice the added cost.


Tracking Coin Shipments

You can know where your package is at all times, regardless if it is transported by land, air, or sea. Electronic onboard recorders are placed in every vehicle of our fleet, so you can check the status of your coin shipment any time you wish.


Modern Solutions for a Modern Era

UNIVAL Logistics utilized unique shipping strategies and the latest technology to provide end-to-end coin shipping solutions. Leave the risks of transport to us and we will ensure your packages safely arrive to your customers.