Thu, Mar 23

3 Biggest Environmentally Friendly Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is used in shipping for about 90% of all products in America. That's because more and more companies are noticing a demand for eco-friendly packaging materials and are making an effort to comply with customer's requests while meeting their own company's needs. Co...

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Wed, Mar 8

Exploring the Benefits of Investing in a Package Insurance Policy

If you or your business sends or receives a lot of packages in the mail, you may want to consider investing in an affordable package insurance policy to take advantage of in case there are ever any issues with your deliveries. Package insurance offers many benefits, especially for those who may have...

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Mon, Mar 6

Searching for a Shipping Company? Consider These 3 Tips

Shipping goods is much easier to do nowadays. Only a few years ago, it was so difficult to track your shipped items, for example, that it could take months before you even knew they were lost or damaged. Today, as long as you're working with a quality shipping company, you can keep track of ...

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Fri, Feb 10

Is Shipping Theft on the Rise? A Few Reasons You Should Insure Your Shipments

Whether a package is stolen in transit, from the recipient's front porch, or from a mailing facility, shipping theft is a frightening issue that happens across many different shipping industries. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, cargo theft is an issue that costs anywhere from&n...

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Tue, Feb 7

Want To Save on Box Shipping Rates? How To Ship Cheaply

A lot of people forget about shipping fees until they start packaging. In addition to the cost of the item, there are a number of other costs that come along with packaging up shipments to be sent off to their destination. Whether you are a business shipping items to your consumers or an indi...

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