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Is Personalized Delivery Part of Your Luxury Experience?

Selling luxury items requires a 360 Solution

The competitive business of fine jewelry retaining that takes an imagination and attention to the details. In a world where high-end buyers appreciate white glove service, jewelers need to cater to their customers. According to, National Jeweler, “Not only do consumers value experiences over owning things, but they will pay a premium for the experiences they think are worth it. This spans all income groups and generations.” Buyers are looking for personalization from the moment they begin searching for that special piece to the time it is delivered.

Personalized Shipping ExperienceStandout Service

Maybe you are a family-owned or independent jewelry retailer who has built a solid reputation. You have carefully selected pieces and have custom design services. Every member of your professional staff has an unwavering devotion to excellence and is ready to offer a personalized experience. Shouldn’t your delivery service reflect the same professionalism? 

Peace of mind is a priority when shipping valuable merchandise. As packaging experts, the UNIVAL Logistics team takes great care to package items to prevent damage. We also offer first-rate insurance options in case the unexpected happens. We track shipments daily and give each customer the option to use our online tracking system. These are all quality features that jewelers can use to assure their customers that their valuables will be delivered on time and risk free.

Consider the Customer’s Journey

Most buyers looking for diamonds, watches and fine jewelry will begin their search online. Some customers will be comfortable enough to end their journey by making an online purchase. Others may call or visit your showroom. No matter where the luxury customers choose to seal the deal, they expect an elevated shopping experience. That includes delivery of the final product. Being able to offer safe, insured jewelry shipping at a reasonable cost gives you a competitive edge every step of the way.

Jewelry Delivery on Their Terms

Not all fine jewelry buyers were born wealthy. In fact, trends reported by The Business Insider indicate that luxury buyers may be looking for a premium product but they still want a deal. High-end buyers shop around, look for special offers, and enjoy attractive extras such as free returns and discounted delivery. One way a jeweler can cut costs without skimping service is to work with a firm that has relationships with insurance providers and can offer high-volume discounts.

Offering quick, trackable, and often free delivery has become the norm. So how does your business stand out? With a trusted delivery partner, you can show how your delivery is a cut above the rest. To get you started, we offer some advice to be sure your high value products are protected: Shipping High Value Items? These Four Tips Can Help.  

At UNIVAL, we pride ourselves on keeping our focus on your package until it is in the hands of your customer. You’ve worked hard to promote a promise of excellence. Contact us today to make sure you deliver on your promise.

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