Shipping (International & Domestic)

International and domestic shipping by ground and air are our core competencies. UNIVAL Logistics ships your essential packages domestically, and anywhere in the world, without any restriction of size, mass, or mode. We help businesses with an easy booking of shipments, pick-up and departure is done daily with on-time delivery. Our team leads your freight through the regulatory fulfillments and customs, with local oversight at various domestic and global destinations. You get real-time visibility of every shipment through our tracking technology. The experts of UNIVAL get everything done remotely, hundreds of miles from your desk. We also offer armored transportation by ground in the Southern California area. One missed delivery can create a ripple effect right through your supply chain. We ensure that nothing slows you down.

UNIVAL Logistics understands the value of worldwide and domestic shipping in the consumer sector. Numerous time-starved consumers expect their packages to be delivered cost-effectively and 100% on time, to any corner of the planet. When you have scores of unique, valuable, fragile, and irreplaceable packages to send, UNIVAL is your only answer. We optimize our processes and accelerate the loading and unloading tasks. We also offer temperature-controlled transport to perishables like food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, hardware, household and personal care items, beauty products, glass and art items. To get these packages to the receiver's doorstep promptly and safely, individuals need a shipping service that is agile, professional, and sustainable. This is where UNIVAL comes in.


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