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Specialized Medical Shipping

Patients and health care institutions alike depend on you to provide them with medical equipment. We understand the burden this places on you and can help you bear the load. UNIVAL Logistics provides safe and secure medical shipping, be it domestically or internationally.


Secure, On-Time Medical
Equipment Shipping

UNIVAL Logistics has the expertise necessary to deliver your medical cargo safely to its destination. We can transport bulky and oversized equipment. We can transport fragile and delicate items. Any package you need to send will get the attention it deserves.

After you drop off your package, all risks of transit are ours to bear. Successfully shipping medical equipment necessitates years of experience and modern strategies. Medical supplies, machines, and tools cannot simply be packaged and sent via regular carriers. UNIVAL can be your logistics support while you act as the backbone of the medical industry.

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Full-Value Insurance for Medical Equipment

Even when all the necessary precautions are taken, items can still get damaged during transit. That is why we provide custom full-value insurance coverage at premium rates. You can rest easy knowing that medical equipment worth up to $150,000 in value will be fully insured with a customizable insurance plan.


Global Tracking of Medical Supplies and Equipment

Whether you are shipping internationally or domestically, you can know where your cargo is at each leg of the journey. All the vehicles in our fleet are equipped with onboard recorders, so you can easily check when your packages will arrive.

You are also provided with API integration options - you can integrate your website with our logistics functionalities to streamline the shipping process. To ease the process further, we can ensure your documentation is fully compliant with domestic or international regulations and prevent any unneeded delays or complications.


Dependable End-to-End Solutions

People are depending on your equipment reaching its destination safely and on time. And you need someone dependable to deliver it. UNIVAL Logistics can be your reliable partner. We specialize in the field of medical shipping and will employ our experience and expertise to deliver your consignments safely.