High-end Technology

UNIVAL Logistics employs an innovative, up-to-date, and customized transportation management technology in the industry to offer efficient shipping solutions to our clients. We combine our state-of- the-art technology, best-in-class logistics and load planning tools, proven methodologies, and a warehouse management application to become the transportation aspect of your business. Our high- end technology is really convenient and speeds up the entire process of fulfilling the outbound shipping order lifecycle. UNIVAL offers a host of supply chain tools that takes care of planning and optimization of orders, carrier selection and management, along with freight audit and payment.

UNIVAL creates customized inventory planning process for each order. Our load planning process is dynamic. We utilize iterative optimization tools to work with the assigned carrier and coordinate the cargo pickup arrangements. From order times and pickup numbers to documentation, UNIVAL streamlines the procedure, creating a single point of contact with our team. Electronically linked to the carrier base, UNIVAL supervises all transport activity for on-time delivery. We are notified every time a carrier arrives or departs a new location offering complete visibility of the order's current location. Throughout the order lifecycle, we capture the data required to build custom reports that measure the key performance indicators that drive your business.


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