UNIVAL Logistics attaches an importance to reliability as much as its consumers, we have the trucks, drivers, and terminals to pick up and deliver your cargoes 100% on time, without any damage. UNIVAL has world-class capabilities for offering a reliable service, and throughout 14 years of cargo shipping by ground and air, we've become a trustworthy carrier for shipments of all sizes and types. Whether you want to ship regionally, nationally or across the borders, we have reliable carriers near you. All businesses fear risk, and transportation is not an exception. Equipment failures, driving accidents, insurance issues, federal regulations, theft, non-delivery, and capital investment; all these risks are erased by us. Our unique presence as a multi-modal shipping provider meets your business and personal goals, quickly and reliably.

Behind the ironclad security and reliability of UNIVAL is the industry's biggest networks of quality carriers including thousands of autonomous fleet owners, drivers and teams. You'll benefit from our ability as an eminent provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions internationally and in the US. Our reliable drivers know the effective ways to perk up fleet safety, avoid crashes and improve consumer satisfaction. Our constant training and retraining the drivers on vital driving skills make them capable of handling the daily challenges of cargo transportation. Problems don't arrive in a schedule. Thus, whenever an unlikely issue arises with your shipment somewhere within the route, a reliable and helpful UNIVAL professional will solve your issue in no time, on a 24/7 basis.


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