Cost-effective Solutions

Between fuel and labor charges, moving your freight is an expensive and equally stressful experience. If you're outsourcing these responsibilities, you're entrusting your most high-value consignments to someone else. This is where UNIVAL Logistics comes into the picture, and with our effective solutions we save you money. UNIVAL understand your concerns as a business-owner, and the importance of reducing your short- and long-term freight costs. Our industry-leading supply chain workflow and management, and a sophisticated planning mechanism optimizes your shipments and reduces costs. As a leading multi-modal shipping solutions provider, we minimize costs by finding the finest transportation mode that optimizes the routes and the distance.

Using a confirmed, step-by-step procedure, UNIVAL selects the most suitable carriers on your behalf, performs countless sophisticated analyses, and negotiates several rounds of bidding to map out the perfect shipping criteria to save up to 25% percent more on the transportation services. We keep in mind the urgency of your delivery, and identify the different available modes of transportation with the carrier, so that we can come up with the most reasonably priced plan for your cargoes. We compare the chosen carriers to match their cargo solutions and costs with your shipping requirements. We also trim down shipping costs by consolidating your shipments. The result is a streamlined process, a simplified rate structure and higher up-front cost savings and a lot lesser stress.


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