on Tue, Dec 20th 2016, 14:34

package insuranceWith the holidays within reach, secure delivery services are in high demand, and they are swamped with letters and packages.

UPS alone has planned to deliver 527 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas and USPS anticipates delivering over 17 billion letters, packages, and greeting cards. Worldwide, there are about 50,000 merchant ships transporting all kinds of cargo.

To make it to its destination, your package normally passes through a number of hands at a bunch of different shipping stations. While these companies are normally safe and secure with your packages, you can never be too careful. It's very easy to misplace a small package, and no matter the size, you never really know how valuable a package truly is.

With such high traffic, secure shipping with insurance may be something you're interested in. But before purchasing parcel or package insurance, here are some things you may want to know:

Some shipments are already covered by package insurance
Some packages already have insurance applied. Both FedEx and USPS provide automatic insurance on domestic shipping rates, but they only cover up to $100 against loss or damage. When you arrange shipments, you'll declare a value on the package, but that doesn't mean that you'll be reimbursed in full.

If your package is worth $1,000, the shipping company is still only liable for a maximum of $100. If you want to be extra careful with your expensive package, you should purchase additional package insurance.

Shipping insurance doesn't cover everything or everywhere
Be careful when you're purchasing an insurance policy. If you're looking for a secure international delivery, make sure that your policy doesn't only cover domestic shipping. Many people make this mistake, and many are disappointed when news comes that their package was damaged during its long voyage or never arrived.

You still need to file a claim when you purchase insurance
Claims don't file themselves. If your package has been lost or damaged, you should file a claim as soon as possible with the shipping company. Most carriers require you to submit your claim within a specific timeframe.

During the holiday season, more claims are expected to be filed, and if you don't have shipping insurance, you can't guarantee reimbursement or a secure delivery. UNIVAL Logistics, however, offers the most hands-on delivery service on the market today. Not only will we insure your package, but it will be monitored by our partners during its entire voyage. For those small but meaningful gifts, you need your shipping company to take extra special care. Trust UNIVAL this holiday season.