on Thu, Mar 23rd 2017, 10:54

package delivery

Corrugated cardboard is used in shipping for about 90% of all products in America. That's because more and more companies are noticing a demand for eco-friendly packaging materials and are making an effort to comply with customer's requests while meeting their own company's needs. Corrugated cardboard is an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to other packaging materials. Here are just a few of the eco-friendly benefits of corrugated cardboard.

  1. Renewable:
    The majority of corrugated cardboard is made from birch or pine tree pulp. These types of trees are generally very easy to plant and can thrive in a variety of environmental conditions. They're faster growing than other types of trees and are readily available. The trees used in corrugated cardboard can be sustainably harvested from forests that are managed properly.

  2. Recyclable:
    Corrugated cardboard is one of the most commonly recycled materials in the world. Corrugated cardboard is 100% recyclable, unlike other types of packaging that are often only 70%-90% recyclable. It can be made without using any dangerous chemical bleaches or dyes. You can rest assured that using corrugated cardboard is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint, as it is considered to be one of the most 'green' packaging solutions available.

  3. Reusable:
    Most cardboard boxes do not get disposed of as soon as they are used. When you receive a package delivery in a corrugated cardboard box, are you just going to throw away the box after you open it? Probably not. Corrugated cardboard is designed to be collapsible and used again and again. They can withstand a variety of weather conditions and are surprisingly durable. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be reused for countless purposes. Moving is one of the biggest reasons to save cardboard boxes -- instead of having to buy environmentally harmful plastic bins that will be left for hundreds of years in a landfill, you can reuse cardboard boxes until they're basically falling apart. After that, just throw them into the recycling bin and they'll be sent to be made into more environmentally friendly materials.

Corrugated cardboard is an eco-friendly alternative to other packaging materials that will be a staple of our postal service for years to come. For more information about package delivery and small package insurance, contact Unival-Logistics.